Saturday Spell-Earthquake

EarthquakeThe castle loomed ahead, not 100 feet from the brush where they hid. “How are we supposed to do anything here?” Micheal murmured. “That’s a garrisoned fortress, and I’m the only one who could ever get in.”

Riek smirked and Filn began to cast. It was a long spell, “on ki loa!” The ground began to shake, but there were no buildings where they crouched. The castle groaned and a tower began to fall, they were in.

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ku (Physical Radius): Earth (Full)

Left Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Arc): Chaos (Full)

Ya (Earth Arc): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Arc): Chaos (Full)

Ya (Earth Arc): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Arc): Chaos (Full)

Ya (Earth Arc): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Arc): Chaos (Full)

Ku (Physical Arc): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

saying “on ki loa”

So I’ve constructed this spell for maximum destruction with a reasonable amount of safety. A more prudent caster would either add some Wind (Indirect) to get the epicenter further away or remove some Chaos (Indirect) to reduce the size of the AoE, or both. As it stands, there is going to be some structural damage near the caster and he might be in danger.

The spell lasts 8d6 rounds, beginning at 16d6+4d3+2 structural damage (66 on average) at the epicenter and declining to 0 by the end of the duration. It has an 80 foot range and with 10 Double DoP of AoE it does 50% destruction 14 feet from the center, 25% destruction 28 feet from the center, and 14.25% 40 feet from the center, at the location of the caster.

This spell costs 392 SP.  At 14 arcs, 5 right handed finger changes, and 18 left handed finger changes, it has a casting time of 33.67 seconds for a right-handed caster with 15 Dexterity and no agility. A left handed caster with the same can do it much more quickly with 25 seconds. It’s an expensive and time consuming spell, but what is a few hours of spell points (to a higher level character) and half a minute to knock down a building? Definitely worth it, unless of course the enemy is trying to stop you.

This spell is a compromise between suicidal and prudent. A more prudent mage could, as I mentioned, make sure he’s not in a highly effected region by adding range or reducing AoE. A more suicidal mage could save some significant time and energy by simply not having any range.

There’s a powerful spell. Does it fit into your wheel house? Any other variations you’d like to see? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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