Life the Universe and Everything-Restoring Energy

LTUE is back! I love going to this event every year to reinspire me to write, but this year there are more gaming panels than ever before. It’s really getting me pumped to buckle down and push Mind Weave to a point where we can play-test in the program. (We’ve done a lot of play-testing around the table, but we generally ignore things like fatigue and sometimes approximate damage and casting times and costs.)

The program does all of the math, and handles a lot of the harder aspects of running a game, so once I have it I hope to play-test with people who have never played a game like this. I hope they will be able to get into quickly with the help of the program in character building. With map movement working (with bugs), I am quickly moving toward the ability to run one shot dungeons on the computer. I hope to be able to present full game play videos by mid year.

LTUE has not only helped to get me excited about coding every day and doing more play testing where we can, but it is the reason I started this blog in the first place. We’re coming up on a year of Mind Weave blogging, and it’s all thanks to LTUE.

So, if you’re in the Utah County area and a student, I highly suggest you check it out. Just go to a couple of free classes.

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