World Building Wednesday-Dalifan and Durnabey Castle

In talking about Val Kydnt, I mentioned some features of the Northwestern slope of Mount Durn. Today we get a look at the peak itself and the South and Eastern slopes:DalifanMtDurn

This little piece of Trethal was the starting location of the first ever Mind Weave campaign (Defenders of Trethal), back when anyone with a single level in Custom Spell knew all of the components and could make custom spells the way players do now. Looking back at old character sheets, it seems like I intended levels to be taken in particular spells to get a bonus with things like Fireball +2 and so on. Also, anyone with less than 20 Dex had trouble hitting stationary targets and dodging was still a direct contesting roll. The game has come a long way since then.

For that campaign, the mountain peak had to share the 4 square mile space it now occupies with a large dungeon, a dwarven hold, a druid circle, an orc village, various bandits, and the garrisons and patrols of a major orc contingent. I’ve since flung most of those elements further down on the slope or off to other mountains in the Seven Peak Woods.

What remains is fairly manageable. Included in this 27 by 21 mile map are Durnabey Castle, Dalifan, Hemifa and the Elven Woods, Cedric’s Compound, Gypsy Camps, the Home of Merdran, the Peak of Mount Durn, 2 Fortified Bridges, some bandits, some Orc Garrisons and Patrols, an Abandoned Fisherman’s Shack, a Cursed Lake, and a Sacred Pond. Still plenty to wrap campaigns around in the area, but not so crowded as to be patently absurd.

Durnabey and Dalifan

Durnabey Castle is old. It stood before the Dragon War that led to the founding of Lyseria to the South and later the founding of Val Kydnt. Dalifan Village has been around nearly as long, though it has changed much with time. The Durn family named Mount Durn and built Durnabey near its peak. Their family has long combated evil in the region and stories from Dimrill to Avalon praise their ancient efforts. The burial mounds of their patriarchs extend South outside the wall of Dalifan.

Their continuing efforts are not so appreciated. Since the founding of the idyllic Archon kingdom Lyseria, they have been seen as rougher, poorer outcasts by the noble society in the low land, though they never swore allegiance to the Archon kings. Evils in the area have been growing, of late, and they are beginning to struggle even to defend Dalifan and maintain their fortified bridges. They are loath to request outside help. History has taught them not to rely on dwarves or elves or archons or anyone else. Despite this, they have long had good relations with the Order of Blazing Sword in Val Kydnt, but as their troubles have grown, they have received fewer and fewer messengers from Val Kydnt and their own messengers have not returned. This is the greatest reason they see to fear.

Dalifan is even more distrusting of non-humans than the Durns. They were not treated well by gnomes and dwarves returning from the building of the Rotating Labyrinth and the resulting prejudice has continued through the generations. They are leery even of small groups of non-humans entering the village.

Unlike Val Kydnt, they have built their wall around their fields. They have lived in the area longer and know they cannot survive the harsh conditions of the Mount Durn’s peak if they lose a crop. Their walls are not as well defended as those of Val Kydnt as a result. They rely mostly on the Durns for protection, though all the men are participants in the militia. A wealthy merchant has made his home there, and he and his guards are fairly capable fighters. A shrine to Vanias stands in the town and is tended by 2 devout clerics to bless the town’s crops. The town would defend itself if needed.

As a player, would you visit Dalifan or Durnabey?  As a Master Weaver, does this slope of the moment strike you as a good place for a campaign? Let us know below.

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