Bandit Hide


Higher on the slope of Mount Durn, above Dalifan and Durnabey Castle, is a small pool created by a waterfall. The springs on the mountain flow down into the pool. Behind the waterfall, there is a small cave where a group of bandits often hides. They have a large store room with a crude dumbwaiter up to their dining chamber. The four bandits each have a bed.

They enter by canoe, hiding it in the cave. They also have a high crawlspace with an arrow loop from which they watch the pond and can shoot. The location is ideal, not only because it gives them access to many roads nearby, but also because children from Dalifan sometimes go to the pond to play. When kidnapped, the children can be ransomed back to their families.

For low level parties, the four bandits can be an appropriate encounter by setting them near the PC levels or with a higher level leader and lower level henchmen. At higher levels, it doesn’t make much sense for this to be more than a throw away encounter. On the plus side, it leaves the players with a place to hide out if they capture it.

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2 Responses to Bandit Hide

  1. Aaron says:

    Nice hatching! This map looks great. I like the fullness of the empty space.

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