Progress Update-Fun Bugs

Had some major coding success this week. I’ve traded out the swirls for some graph paper effect, let me know what you think of that change.

I’ve also succeeded in making the keys allow rotation and movement on the map. It’s very pretty.

I’ve also created all the tiles I need to allow rotating, which didn’t take long once I had the right tools. Not as tedious as I expected.

I’m still seeing a major bug with the rotation. It works great when you are facing North or South, but when you face East or West, the tiles are all screwy and the ‘w’ and ‘s’ keys are reversed. These two problems are of course linked, but it’s too late to make a video today anyway. The video would be very glitchy as well. The math I’m using for the rotation is more than this computer can handle in real time. I’m going to have to do something about it before this can be considered complete.

Here’s a look at how screwy the tiles get when you’re turned East or West:Yuck

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