Fantasy Plant: Darkcap

A lovely plant for making dark, dank caves even darker. (On Monday we’ll see a monster that does the danker part.)

Darkcaps are distantly related to Livecaps in the “cap” strain, but they are merely plants, having no thoughts and certainly no sentience. They are very sensitive to light, taking Lux/100 durability damage across its surface each turn.

To prevent this damage, a Darkcap emits darkness equal to 150*Lux with a 2 second delay. This is enough to cancel out the offending light source completely in a radius of 5 feet around the Darkcap. They can make it difficult to traverse areas where they grow without echo-location.

They are soft and moist, easily destroyed by weapons or fire. They are large mushrooms standing 3 feet tall with a stalk 4 inches in diameter and cap 1 foot in diameter.

Hardness: 1

Durability: 0.5

Flammability: 0.5

Opacity: 1

A controlled Darkcap will create extra darkness at command, but it will resist producing less darkness than it prefers in the same way other plants resist approaching fire.

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