Divine Artifact-Distributor’s Glove

DistributersGlove“Vish, give me the Horn of Aide, now!” Talon ordered the cleric as the wargs continued to gain on them. The castle was in sight, they would arrive in time to rescue them.

“Um,” Vish panted, “I can’t get that one.”


“Wrong symbol.”

“What can you?”

Sack of Holding with Keep Stone, gold, row boat, the orc armor.”

“Just keep running,” Talon breathed, glancing back on the sound of wargs.

Distributor’s Glove

It is seemingly a plain, leather smith’s, but glove with an intricately stitched symbol on the back, given to the loyal followers of Duethain in order to distribute magical items. The glove’s wearer can stow away or draw forth anything that can be held in one hand. Though it is usually used for magical items, in truth, any item may be stored as long as it pleases the Duethain. Some devout followers regularly use it to store enchanting materials and books.

The storage is shared between all gloves with the same symbol, and the user must know which specific item you wish to draw forth. A given symbol cavity can hold up to 50 lbs of items, all able to be held in one hand. The symbol can be restitched if destroyed and followers of Duethain frequently pick out one symbol and restitch another in order to access items stored under the other symbol.

However, if knowledge of the symbol is lost, Duethain will take the stored items as payment and will then distribute them among his followers. Some legendary items are stored in the ether, with the symbols that access them all but lost.

It is said that if a follower dies while a Transient Enchanted item is held by the glove, Duethain may cause that enchantment to become permanent, and may even give it his personal blessing to empower it further.

Some enterprising individuals have set up a near-instant postal service where they pass bags of holding between gloves, but have noticed that items go missing unless they also give an offering when they attempt to transfer mundane items.

Sound useful, or like more of a liability than an asset? How would you use it? How long would you expect it to take to change the stitched symbol? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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