Crowdsourcing the Rotating Labyrinth

Update: An improved PDF with new art is available for free at DriveThruRPG.

Certain members of the gaming community have come together and made a phenomenal effort to make the Rotating Labyrinth into an immersive experience.

Christopher Mathieu drew up an amazing and accurate 3D model in Sketchup. His model has perfect circles and even corrects some of the errors I made in my original paper copy:


Christopher also did some work for HeroForge, you can check that out here:

Using Christopher’s 3D model, Stuart Templeton implemented the dungeon in Unity, allowing 3D walkthroughs.  You can access the game here:

Also consider visiting Stuart’s Blog, This Dark House, about writing realism. It’s fascinating.

You can find some of his other programming work (with free access) at Or his latest game project: a multi-talented guy!

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3 Responses to Crowdsourcing the Rotating Labyrinth

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  2. Tony K. says:

    Here is a quick analysis to try to determine how often to rotate each of the 7 circles to maximize change in the maze. I numbered the circles by their center, top to bottom, on Mathieu’s sketch (, When you do this the biggest circle is number 3.

    C# P E PxE %age use
    1 4 1 4 0.06 0.06
    2 4 1 4 0.06 0.11
    3 4 8 32 0.46 0.57
    4 4 1 4 0.06 0.63
    5 2 3 6 0.09 0.71
    6 2 7 14 0.20 0.91
    7 2 3 6 0.09 1.00

    C# = circle number, P = # of resting positions, E = number of elements circle rotation effects,
    Multiplying P by E gives a sense of how much chaos rotating that circle will cause,
    %age is the normalized percentage of PxE, and the use column provides a %tile table – so if you roll an 87 spin circle 6; an 25, spin circle 3.

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