Character Thursday-Glud Alumb (Livecap High Priest of Xylank)

In this story, Glud rules over the Livecaps in Tealmüt. He could be the major villain of a campaign, or just a side quest, depending on the power level of the PCs and how many Livecaps he has.


Glud Alumb was spored in a time when the gods of Trethal fought for power. It was a time of upheaval. Glud’s people worshiped Xylank, the Lord of Disease, who at the time held great power on the surface. He was pervasive and feared by all. Xylank did not fare well in the war, despite the best efforts of Glud’s people. So many of the Livecap worshipers of Xylank fell in the war against disease that Glud remained as the leader of his people. Though he was young, Glud was highly favored by Xylank and supported by his peers. They were able to fortify in the place called Tealmüt where Glud began a long reign.

Levels 1-20:

Many hundreds of years passed. Enethail’s forces never pushed as deep as Tealmüt. And though the Drow, under Arachia’s direction, occupied caves not far below them, Glud and his people were able to repel them with Xylank’s help. Glud’s following grew, so did Xylank’s power in the region. As Xylank became more powerful, so did Glud. He and his peers led the people of Tealmüt in the defense, but they remembered how all of their elders and leaders had fallen in Xylank’s last war. When Xylank goaded them to war with the Goblins above or the Drow beneath, they were slow to respond. Still, Xylank became more and more insistent. Glud began to fear that to continue to deny his calls to spread his plague would risk losing his protection. He knew no other god to which they could turn, he had to make a decision. Perhaps they would win. Enethail would have grown complacent. Perhaps a small war would be enough to satisfy Xylank, they would begin with the Goblins.

Strength: 11, Constitution: 23, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 28, Intelligence: 23, Charisma: 14

Abilities: Natural Weapon XVIII, Spell Casting IX, Touch of Death VIII, Lay on Hands VPray on Behalf VIII, Prayer VRallying Call III, Bless III, Employ Poison I

Skills: Weapon Skill XVIII, Diplomacy VI

In a campaign with Glud and Xylank as the villains, it would begin with displaced Goblins flooding out into the area near Val Kydnt and Dalifan. The players might find out the truth from Goblin refugees, or they might assume it is a Goblin invasion and go against the Goblins before discovering that the Livecaps were behind it. With Xylank’s help, Glud and his peers would be formidable foes, even as the players climbed into higher levels. It would also be an opportunity for the players to take their quest underground pursuing them.

Glud is a powerful mage, though most of his magic is focused on encharges to strengthen himself, his weapons, his companions, and their weapons. He is a warrior-priest and with Natural Weapon 18 can make weapons with +13 damage at a cost of 10 SP per cubic foot. He can give these to his men, but they only last an hour. Add this to his bonus from Weapon Skill: +9 damage and +9 To-Hit, and he attacks with a minimum damage of over 25 (before armor) and has a 99.54% chance of hitting and a 37.5% chance of a critical with his right hand. Left handed, he’s a decent fighter, but rarely gets critical hit.

He might decide that his left hand is better left empty to cast short spells, to lay hands on allies, or to inflict the touch of death on enemies.

With the ability to bless weapons, to rally his allies, and to pray for aide, he can be a formidable help to his side. He has 2960 SP and recovers 372 SP per hour and so will be able to supply magical aide and damage to a very large degree.

How would you handle a campaign where the Livecaps attack evil subterranean races as a beachhead? How would you run it? What would your strategy be to fight Glud? How would you use him. Let us know in the comments below.  

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