Xylank-Lord of Disease

Xylank-Lord of Disease (Deity)

He is offensive and merciless. He favors the insidious and lazy, but especially the brutish. He opposes cleanliness and compassion.

He is seen as repugnant even among evil gods and they tend to avoid association with him except when seeking his aide. His followers are dark and bitter, seeking to destroy their foes from the shadows and from within. Pollution extends his sight and he gains the senses lost due to disease.

Alignment: Neutral Evil (-1, -7)

Worshipers: Orcs, Livecaps, Assassins, Anarchists

Symbols: rats, sickness, death, poison

Colors: green, black, brown

Blessing: +2 poison damage 1d3 turns

Gifts of Power: Tire, Parasite, Poison, Noxious Gas, Disease, Unstable Affliction, Plague

Artifacts: Infected Seed, Crown of Flies

Xylank is kind of a fringe god in Trethal. Could you worship such a loathsome deity? Would he make a good deity for the baddies? Let us know in the comments below. 

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