Ability Tuesday-Natural Weapon

NaturalWeaponNatural Weapon is an ability that allows the character to form weapons or shields from living wood. These weapons have a cost per cubic foot that depends on the level in Natural Weapon. Weapons created this way also have a bonus to damage based on the level in Natural Weapon.

The weapons have the hardness and durability of the wood from which they are made. They also often have a lower weight class than their metal counterparts.

Only Druids can learn Natural Weapon, though Livecaps get it automatically. It is very rare as a backstory ability and difficult to learn cross-class, but certain deities may grant it to their devout followers.

Would you use a major ability to have a weapon where ever there is living wood? How would you intend to use it? Would you get a lot of levels to make weapons strong and cheap? Let us know in the comments below.

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