Progress Update-Next Steps

After some feedback on the vision limiting, I’ve planned some changes and figured out how to move forward.

  1. Get rid of the black swirls and have blank map in places the player can’t see. Can’t decide if I’ll have little borders to make it look like graph paper or just blank paper.
  2. Going to write the rotation code, which means more images, so that’ll be boring to do, but easy to do. The rotation code is pretty simple too, it’s basically written into the comments of the vision limiting algorithm.
  3. Going to make qweasd keys control movement, which shouldn’t be too hard either.
  4. Going to make it so you can’t walk through walls.
  5. Going to try to squish the last bugs in the vision limiting algorithm.

I want to get all the map movement done so I can start working on the map builder. There is no way I build a larger map .xml file by hand. This small map took forever. With a map making UI I could make all the maps I want! Though I admit, it will probably be quite the task to get a even a basic map maker put together. I really need to get on it though. I hope to have interactive Mind Weave play mostly working by the time my brother and I graduate in December and go our separate ways.

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