Saturday Spell-Darkness

Finally they had tracked the rogue mage to his hideout. Finally they had him. Captain Malt signaled to light torches and a moment later, kicked in the door, flooding the small shack with torch-light.

The mage rolled over his bed and saw them. They had him now. But he raised his left thumb and said “re” before anyone had time to restrain him. Darkness flooded the room. Malt could barely see the torch of the man next to him and a chaos broke out as soldiers collided going for the mage.

After a minute of clatter and shouting, the light returned, but the mage was gone. 

Left Hand:

Dark (Full)

saying “re”

This spell uses the Tome of Light and Darkness. It’s about as simple as that kind of spell comes. It’s only a 2 DoP spell, but the bonus from Spell Casting is reduced due to it being a Swift Magic spell. Still, a caster with Swift Magic II or Spell Casting III can double the power of the spell. Without bonuses, this spell averages 1400 anti-lumens. That’s about like a fairly bright light bulb, or anti-light bulb, rather. This means, this spell cast right next to a light bulb would cancel out all light from the light bulb. In game terms, that’s nearly 5 torches. With bonuses, it can cancel the light of 9 torches (if right on top of them). It lasts a minute. This is enough darkness to render people blind in most situations besides daylight and enough time to assassinate a foe (if he doeesn’t move) or to escape.

This spell costs 20 SP.  It has a casting time of 1 second for a right-handed caster with 15 Dexterity (no Second Hand). For a left handed caster with the same Dexterity, the limit is the syllable and the spell takes 0.5 second.  A cheap and fast spell for causing confusion.

Does a spell like this fit your MO? Do like the way dark sources behave like light sources, rather than causing absolute dark? Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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