Simwaith-The Lord of Wolves and the Battle

Simwaith-The Lord of Wolves and the Battle (Deity)

He is loyal and freedom loving. He joys in loyalty and confidence, but especially independence. He spites helplessness and cowardice.

Simwaith is respected by the chaotic, righteous gods and many indifferent gods. He is a warrior himself and is very personal with his few skilled followers. He is aware of that witnessed by wolves, including warg abominations, as well as his followers. Concentration Simwaithmay give him view of any violence.

Alignment: Chaotic Good (-10, 6)

Worshipers: wolves, rangers, scouts, warriors

Symbols: wolf, melee weapons

Colors: red/orange, green, brown

Blessing: +0.5 speed

Gifts of Power: Call Wolves, Become Wolf, Speak with Wolves, Haste, Heat of Battle, Sacred Bolt

Artifacts: Girding Belt, Bracers of Fury, Simwaith’s Blade of Battle

Simwaith is one of the down-in-the-trenches gods of Trethal. Would you be one of his close and personal followers? Would you be willing to be independent in order to please him? Let us know in the comments below. 

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