Divine Artifact-Bloodspell Dagger

BloodSpell Dagger“How is this mage still coming?” Tolen murmered as another burst of flames broiled around the door. “You’re sure there was only one?”

“Just the one, sir. Men in the tower say he’s received no reinforcements; our outrunners have dug in outside. He’s not getting out of here.”

“How does one mage kill so many men?” The door he braced became suddenly cold and sundered. Tolen’s archers opened fire and several arrow struck the casting mage, dagger in hand.

Min Ki Jai!” A bolt of lightning crackled through the doorway, bursting outward from the chest of an archer, felling three and charring four more.

“Fall back!” Tolen ordered. “To the last choke.”

Incoming spells killed another man as they ran up the stairs to the chamber at the base of the tower. They had to stop him here. Surely he was running out of energy. His own healers and battle mages had run out long ago. Even so, the mage standing at the base of the stairs sported no wounds.

Bloodspell Dagger

The Bloodspell Dagger is a rare artifact granted by Malkither to those talented followers who bring magic to the front lines in order to fulfill their ambitions and break the back of good. Those with knowledge of deistic lore may recognize its heart-steel blade.

The Bloodspell Dagger can channel spell points from a dead person or creature to the wielder. If the wielder casts a one-handed spell with the other hand holding the dagger in the body, he can channel the body’s spell points directly with 50% efficiency (2 spell points of the dead per spell point cast). Alternately, the dagger can store up to 500 SP in the same manner. These stored spell points can be used only for arcs and radii traced by the dagger during the spell.

It is a favorite of spell casting assassins.

Does an artifact like this help with your character build? Would you use it to cast battle magic, dagger in hand? Or would you prefer to cast one handed spells while crouching over a body? There’s something definitely evil about it. Would your character object to a different party member using it? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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