Enethail-Goddess of the Quiet Flame

Enethail-Goddess of the Quiet Flame (Deity)

She is passionate and secretive. She favors independence and stealth, but especially zeal. She casts down dependence and laziness.

Once one of the more power gods, she is still respected among the gods, though rarely involved with them. The majority of her followers are the few Soquainan that remain in Trethal. They receive power from her. She shares the senses of the Soquainan. She and Simwaith are close allies.

Alignment: Chaotic Good (-9, 7)

Worshipers: Soquainan, Rangers, Nekolyns, Archon Arbiters, Intrepids

Symbols: fire, trees, wolf ears

Colors: red, green, orange

Blessing: +1d6 fire damage.

Gifts of Power: Find Soquianan, Fire Invulnerability, Heat of Battle, Silence, Invisibility, Fire Arms, Hide Building

Artifacts: Gamilzeag, Treeshelter Bracelet, Hearing Helm, Wolf Boots

Enethail is a goddess for the swift and independent. Would she fit your character’s style? Would you serve a mostly fallen deity? Let us know in the comments below. 

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