Character Thursday-The Order of the Blazing Sword

The Order of the Blazing Sword has protected the Gamilzeag Shrine in Val Kydnt for five generations. They occupy the castle of Val Kydnt and are a formidable force. I will discuss their leaders in detail and the members of the order in more cursory manner.

Kent is a fourth generation of descendant of Lirmenieth, the Archon who built Val Kydnt and formed the order. He is 1/16th Archon and a level 7 Paladin of great skill. Though he worships the chaotic good goddess Enethail, he is fiercely lawful and demands diligence of the Order. He is young, 27, but very experienced.

He is built for mounted combat with Weapon Mastery (Lance), Ride, Charge, Rear, and Firm Seat, among other things. He has 15 lancers in the Order who are loyal to him. 4 are experienced paladins (levels 3-5), 3 are paladin acolytes, or squires (levels 1-2), and the rest are fighters striving to become paladins (levels 2-4).

Lyle is the eldest of the Order at 66. He is a level 12 Cleric of Enethail and is highly favored by her. She grants him great power for his devotion in defending the sword and his zeal for good and freedom. His wisdom greatly influences the Order.

Lyle is fairly skilled at magic, specializing in fire magic, but he is mostly a melee fighter, wielding a fiery hammer in battle. His seven followers, all clerics levels 4 to 9, are similarly combat oriented, but all share a deep trust in Enethail’s power. They are admitted from among the clerics that serve the alter of Enethail in the town.

Quentin has long been a member of the Order from a young age. He is now 35 and leads the Pathfinders of the Order which he formed. They are a chaotic group and often act independent of the rest of the Order in the service of Enethail. Quentin is a level 6 Ranger and knows the surrounding woods by heart.

He is a very skilled archer and fast. He is also very stealthy and good at tracking, essentially a magicless ranger build with a focus on stealth and sniping. His 5 pathfinders are praised by the local hunters and held in as high regard as Kent’s lancers for their heroics. Only 2 are rangers (levels 3 and 4), two others are fighters training to be rangers (levels 4 and 5) and the last is a female Thief who is training in the ranger arts, but would take Rogue as her class. She is in love with Quentin.

Heath is a very charismatic but not terribly skilled level 8 Magic-User. He has no ability to innovate, but has memorized and become adept at a dozen or so simple spells. Only by his charisma did he gain a station as a Head of the Order. He is among the most likely to betray it.

Heath specializes in mental spells and spell that enhance charisma or the volume of his voice. He is highly unoptimized, with social abilities like sing along-side his magical abilities. He has three aides, one who fauns over him (level 2 Magic-user), one who is disdainful of his low skill (level 4 Magic-User), and one who is distrusting of him (level 5 Magic-user). They are fair mages for their levels and much better optimized than Heath.

William, a level 10 Fighter, is the last Head of the Order. He was a Brawler in his younger days and was never able to qualify to be a lancer for Kent’s father. Now at age 58, he is the commander of the castle. He wears medium weight armor and fights with shield and battle axe, though he sometimes reverts to his brawling ways. His fighting style is brutal and self-sacrificing.

He commands a garrison of 50 low level fighters, brawlers, and soldiers, most of whom aspire to become lancers in the order.

Would you be interested in working with the order? They’re having trouble with a powerful necromancer, how would you help them? Or would you fight against them? Let us know in the comments below.  

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