World Building Wednesday-Val Kydnt


The North East slope of Mount Durn; Val Kydnt is at C in the North East of the map.

Val Kydnt lies on the gently sloping Northwestern side of Mount Durn, about 30 miles from the peak as the crow flies, 45 or 50 miles by road. The town of Val Kydnt formed in the lee of a castle built by an Archon Arbiter, Lirmenieth, shortly after the Uprising of men and archons against the Rephiam who had sought to build an oppressive empire from their strongholds in the White Mountains to the far corners of the world. He built the castle to enshrine Gamilzeag, the Sword of Blighting Flame, which he had wielded against the Rephiam, given to him by Enethail-Goddess of the Quiet Flame-from whom the Rephiam had wrested control of the world in the aftermath of the Dragon War.ValKydnt

The castle of Val Kydnt has since that time been controlled by The Order of the Blazing Sword, led always by a descendant of Lirmenieth. The Order is currently led by a 4th generation descendant named Kent, a very capable paladin who nevertheless feels inadequate in his duty to defend Gamilzeag and Val Kydnt as powerful evils again begin to threaten them. He fears the Necromancer to the West that harries them may be associated with the resurgent Rephiam foretold in the Prophecy of the Blazing Sword, for her orcs wear the crest of the White Dragon Wing. He prays to Enethail daily that he might take the sword and fulfill the prophesy by throwing the Rephiam down again. He fears his 1/16th Archon is not sufficient to make it him.

GamilzeagProphecy of the Blazing Sword

Fallen are the Rephiam Blight,

Their cold grip is diminished.

But how they take the bitter slight,

Swearing they are not finished.

This sword then I trust

To Enethail’s Blazing Care

That he blade never rust,

The victory I prepare.

The Rephiam will rise again

To seek their frigid seat.

Will men be ready then,

To once more this foe defeat?

For this cause I leave the sword

To await an Archone hand

That speaks with a leaders word

And guides a mighty band.

He it is who will wield the flame,

He will march to protect,

Freedom forever to proclaim

And the Rephiam frost reject.

-Lirmenieth, Archon Arbiter

Servant of Enethail

Against Chitalin

Master of Gamilzeag

Val Kydnt is a highly militarized town with many of them participating in the town militia. Most of the population are farmers, though a fair number are also hunters. A small group of merchants have also moved into the town, making great profits selling the spices grown on Enethail blessed land into Lyseria and Alfoli. There is a strong following of Enethail at the local shrine. The town also pays the captains of the guard well.

While the Order of the Blazing Flame for a long time payed for their own needs with loot gained raiding the Northern gnolls near Mount Woof, the pressures of combating the Necromancer have kept them nearby. With no other source of wealth, they have been forced to turn to the townfolk for support. They townsfolk have so far been willing to provide for their needs in exchange for protection, but the longer the threat continues the more likely prudent merchants will leave the area, taking their wealth with them.

As a player, would you visit Val Kydnt?  Would you be eager to work with the Order of the Blazing Sword? As a Master Weaver, would you allow Kent to retrieve the sword in the course of the story? Or would you give it to one of your players? Let us know below.

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