Divine Artifact-Gamilzeag, Sword of Blighting Flame

GamilzeagAnd when Lirmenieth saw that man was willing to rise against the Rephiam, his wild heart rejoiced and he cried out to Enethail, saying, “Behold Enethail, the humans take courage and rise, though alone, though over powered. Thy spirit and Simwaith‘s are upon them and they go forth against the cold. I will lend them by strength, for now is the time.”

And a bright flame sparked before him, but the trees burnt not, and Enethail extended a furry hand, in it a sword. It was the most beautiful sword Lirmenieth had ever seen. He took it eagerly. “Go my servant,” she spoke with the soft voice of crumbling logs in a flame. “Smite the Rephiam on my behalf and wound Chitalin‘s arm in Trethal.”

Hasted with magic, Lirmenieth ran, his mighty stride carrying to the White Mountains where the men of the North arrayed themselves and marched. He wielded the mighty Gamilzeag against the great giants. The mighty sword tore through flesh, tendon, and bone in his hand, felling the giants like trees before a hurricane of fire.

The flames embroiled the forces of Chitalin, they fled before Lirmenieth and the forces of men. They were being pressed on all sides and cursed Lirmenieth as they fell back into the mountains. “We aren’t finished,” their leader called, pulling closed the stone slab over their final hold.

Lirmenieth turned back, thanking Enethail for the victory. He led the most valiant men who had fought beside him deep into the mountains to Mount Durn, building a castle there and enshrining Gamilzeag against future Rephiam threats.

Gamilzeag, Sword of Blighting Flame

A unique sword granted by Enethail, the Goddess of the Quiet Flame, to a loyal Archon Arbiter, Lirmenieth, during a war against the Rephiam and Chitalin who had supplanted her and her Soquainan worshipers. It has since been enshrined at Val Kydnt, awaiting a time of need when the Rephiam will rise again.

A +6 Broadsword with 4d6 fire damage. It can launch 3 fireballs with range 16 feet, 4d6 fire damage, and AoE as with 2 Chaos Indirect fingers each day. It also provides the wielder with fire armor 48. All fire energy used in a Battle Magic or Arcane Magic spell while wielding Gamilzeag is doubled.

Undoubtedly a powerful sword. Would you go on a quest to obtain it? What kind of character would you expect would be able to obtain the sword? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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