Ability Tuesday-Petty Enchant

The most common enchants in Mind Weave are those which merely enhance an object’s intended purpose. These are called Petty Enchants and they can be used to make swords sharper, bows springier, arrows swifter, armor harder, and lock picks nimbler, among other things. For weapons, a petty enchant improves damage, for armor it improves its armor value (split between 3 categories of armor), and for lock picks and other tools it improves functionality.

Details about how much a petty enchanter can enhance an item at a given level in Petty Enchant are given here, but to give you an idea, level 1 allows +2 to weapons, level 2 allows +3, level 3 allows +4, level 5 allows +5, level 8 allows +6, level 12 allows +7, and level 16 allows +8. Eventually, level 66 is required for a +12. Each + also costs 50 gc of materials, so a +5 costs 250 gc.

At higher levels in Petty Enchant, an enchanter can use petty enchant to enhance “True Enchantments”. True enchants count as an existing +2, +4, or +6 (for Lesser, Greater, and Epic Enchants) that must be overcome before further enhancing the item.

Would you want to get petty enchant and enhance your party’s equipment? What items would you spend the gold to enhance? Comment below to let us know.

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