Monster Monday-War Drum

WarDrumThrum! Thrum!

“What’s that sound?”

“War Drum,” the gruff guide grunted, continuing along the top of the dune.

Thrum! Thrum!

“A tribal war party?”

“Huh? Hm, no, hunting call. Drake.”

War Drum

Health Points: 8d6+25

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d12 (bite) speed 1, 1d4 (tail) speed 3/4

Special Attack: Drum Beat, the War Drum emits a sound at a low frequency, almost out of its own hearing range. The sound has volume of 10*X-Xd6, where the War Drum may choose X between 1 and 25. This means it can choose a barely discernible sound, or a deafeningly loud one. Since it hears in a higher range, the sound is reduced by 100 dB for the War Drum. Usable once per turn.

Special Defense: Resistant ears require deafening thresholds at least 20 dB higher for all ranges, up to 100 dB at low frequencies.

Special Defense 2: Hold Breath for up to 120 minutes.

Dexterity: Bite (20), Tail(18)

Strength: Bite (14), Tail(20)

Speed: 36 (land), 18 (swimming)

Armor: 6 6 8

Special: Anticipation V

Description: War Drums are small for Drakes, dog-like in size and manner. They frequent places where they can bury themselves and drum to attract prey: deserts, sandy beaches, river beds, lake beds, etc. They hunt alone, but will sometimes use a faster drum beat when seeking a mate. The fastest drum beats are indicative of several War Drums competing for mates or sometimes territory.

In battle, War Drums will attempt to pain foes it cannot defeat from the battle with loud drums. It otherwise fights fiercely, dodging all attacks and retaliating with tooth and tail. Their hunting instincts make their attacks difficult to dodge and they are smart enough to use the tail to off-balance a foe before going in for the bite. If hard pressed, they will flee.

See the Tome of Light and Sound for details about deafening sounds.

As a player, how would you react to war drums sounding in the distance? What if your caravan wanted to choose another way due to the crazed beat of the drums in your path? What would you do? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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