Saturday Enchantment-Sack of Hauling

Sack of Holding“Great! We’re trapped, we can’t ford the river here,” Mykus exclaimed. His new conspirators didn’t seem stymied by the development.

“Hold this open,” Hayak odered, handing him the large, surprisingly light, gunny sack they had thrown all of the loot into. Mykus obeyed and Darren and Hayak both leaned into the bag, reaching for something. Soon they were dragging a row boat and oars from the sack.

“Down the river we go,” Darren grunted.

If you aren’t familiar the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up: Enchanter’s Almanack.

Sack of Hauling

Big things are heavy, in general. They can also be very useful. Sack of Hauling enchants quickly become common in magically advanced societies. The sack is huge, and its large opening makes it possible to fit big things into it. It itself is fairly light, however. They are commonly acquired by travelers and explorers, though military units will sometimes use them for carrying supplies, and thieves love them.

Components: Re, Soa, Order (Full)x2 , Des (Advanced Positivity Arc)x2, Dain (Advanced Occult Radius), Ros(Advanced Travel Radius)

Understand Artifact: 90 to understand that it has extra capacity and what the nature of that capacity is without using it.

This type of enchant comes pretty expensively, as a greater enchant. A sack is an “on” sized enchant, so it gets a 2x power multiplier. According to the bag of holding rules, this means either 600 lbs of orderly capacity or 1200 lbs of neutral capacity. The point of the sack is to hold big stuff. A single row boat can weigh about 200 lbs. Instant access to things in the bag could be useful, but I consider more capacity and having to rummage to be more versatile yet again. This makes this enchant a lot like the Merchant’s Purse, but the important difference is that it can hold big things, whereas the purse could only hold things that fit through the 4 inch by 2 inch opening. This has an opening 6 feet in diameter. You could store horses in this baby, if you’re willing to clean their mess out.

How’d you like seeing an enchantment? Would you like a sack like this? Would you prefer instant access to rowboat and horses? What enchantments would you make? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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