Bags of Holding in Mind Weave

In Mind Weave, there are three varieties of Bag of Holding-like enchants: chaotic, neutral, and orderly.

A neutral bag of holding behaves like a normal bag, but with weight reduction and a lot more space in its magical extra dimension. You still have to rummage around in it to find what your looking for, but it can carry a lot more.

A container with a chaotic extra dimension can hold twice as much weight as a neutral dimension, but when you reach in you get one random item from in the bag. This can be convenient for carrying a ton of stuff, but not for finding it immediately.

A container with an orderly extra dimension holds half the weight of a neutral dimension, but you can grab anything you want from it at will. While you can carry less total in such a dimension, anything in it is convenient to access.

The Des Arc and the Chaos and Order fingers are used to create extra-dimensional spaces in which to hold things. The Chaos finger can be applied to either chaotic or neutral dimensions. Similarly, the Order finger can be applied to either neutral or orderly dimensions. The Des Arc can always be applied to a neutral dimension, but can only be applied to the other type of dimension if it is already present. For an ‘in’ sized container, each DoP adds 100 lbs of neutral capacity (200 lbs of chaotic capacity or 50 lbs of orderly capacity). Power multipliers from size are applied normally.

Depending on how the item is to be used, each of these enchants has advantages and disadvantages. For example, a chaotic bag of holding is great for looting generally and carrying out as much as you can. However, it is not wise to put something you may want in a hurry in the bag with other items. Conversely, an order bag is great for carrying things you need to get at often, but putting random junk in it uses its lesser capacity faster and can be hard to empty out if you don’t remember what you put in. A neutral bag strikes a balance between the two for more general use.

Tomorrow, I will share a couple of examples of these enchants. Comment below with your considerations.

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