Character Thursday-Thisse Kaldriss (Lizardfolk General)

Thisse is a character in the Lyserian Frontier region and the master of the castle on the North coast of High Lake. He is villainous and capable, and since everything he does is self serving, he is a potential enemy no matter what side your character is on.


Thisse Kaldriss was born into a respected family, but not a powerful one. Though they had little influence in the larger lizardfolk community, those who knew them personally were happy to put in a good word for them. With recommendations from an elderly neighbour who had been a part of the Black Shield, the family got Thisse accepted into the Black Shield as a petty officer in a command where risks were high, but so were opportunities for advancement. Thisse was clever and tough and they trusted that his great awareness would allow him to escape the dangers and grasp the opportunities. He was confident he would fulfill the family’s expectations of him.

Levels 1-16:

Thisse was luckier than he could have hoped. On his first mission, he noticed a threat to his platoon. Ambitious as he was, he kept the knowledge to himself until it was most advantageous to reveal it. The mission went badly, with only he, his direct commanding officer, and the officer over the whole platoon surviving. These both attributed their survival to Thisse’s awareness and skill. He was promoted in the field and given a command for his treachery. His successful ambition was also greatly rewarded by Malkither, who aided and empowered him as he continued to sacrifice others and the goals of the Black Shield in order to climb the ranks.

After years of manipulation and scheming,  he gained absolute command of the Black Swamp theater in which he had been operating. It was only then that his ambitions and the Black Shield’s goals finally aligned. He turned away from the passive worship of Malkither and began to actively worship Tryseana, for her powers more suited his new needs. With her help an his own great skill, he quickly accomplished the theater’s mission through ruthlessness and apathy for his soldier’s lives.

CastleF1The Black Shield dismissed rumors about his means and rewarded him with command of castle they had taken control of on the Northern coast of High Lake in Lyseria. For a long time, this castle had been part of a purely political mission, but they had begun to expect it to become a military matter. Nonetheless, Thisse was required to adopt the political aspects of the mission, and he did so with grace. He took a human wife from among the corrupt Lyserian nobility in the East and began to get the castle into shape for war, throwing parties all the while.

Strength: 20, Constitution: 25, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 12, Charisma: 18

Abilities: Divine Blow VII, Prayer VIII, Heroic Endeavor VI, Anticipation X, Weapon Mastery (Whip) VI, Lay on Hands III, Rallying Call II, War Cry II, Body Shield I

Skills: Weapon Skill XV, Perception II, Diplomacy II, Riding I

MastersWhipThisse isn’t an optimized fighter, but he’s pretty decent. His worship of Tryseana offers him some major power sources. When he strikes with Divine Blow, he deals 20d6 Death damage on a successful hit. His high level in Prayer gives him a decent chance of getting help from Tryseana, if it is line with her will. Finally, he wields a Master’s Whip given to him by her for his contributions to her goals.

Thisse is a burst fighter, which has suited him well in his efforts to paint himself as a hero. With Heroic Endeavor VI, he can get 5 rounds of +9 Strength and Dexterity once per day. During that time, he can’t miss on attacks even with most extenuating circumstances and his damage is greatly increased. Between Weapon Skill and Weapon Mastery he has a +14 To-Hit and +9 damage when using his whip (+8 To-Hit and +7 damage with any other weapon). This means that he gets frequent critical hits while using Heroic Endeavor and hits almost always even when not when using the whip. The length of a whip makes it hard to dodge when it used up close, but Thisse doesn’t need to count on this. He can attack foes on the edge of his whip’s reach and it is still as hard to dodge as an arrow due to his high Anticipation. All but the fastest will find it impossible to dodge if well within the range.

If a fight is not going well for him, Thisse is more than willing to bolster his men with Rallying Call, depress the enemy with War Cry, and retreat, leaving his men to die while he heals himself with Lay on Hands. However, if he is truly desperate, a call to his goddess might be able to turn the tide of battle.

With a whole castle garrison at his disposal, Thisse has the makings of a story arc sized villain in the right campaign. If he notices a threat and the opportunity is there, he may take innocent visitors at the castle hostage, making the situation even more difficult to maneuver.

Would you be interested in assaulting Thisse’s castle with its ~160 man garrison? How would you plan on handling him? Why would you make him your enemy? Let us know in the comments below.  

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