Tryseana-Conqueress of Burning and the Dead

Tryseana-Conqueress of Burning and the Dead (Deity)

She is cruel and lustful. She gives strength to the ambitious and bloody, but especially the cruel. She opposes kindness and goodness.

Tryseana, with Malkither (The Lord of Blood and War), forms the core of general evil in Trethal. It is in her that most evil chiefs of large movements find their power. She is aware of any scene witnessed by the dead, for they are her slaves. She also has eyes in the wild flame (i.e. torches give her a dim sight, a wild fire gives her perfect sight). Her power is in the night. She is the sister of Lyseana and wars against her.

Alignment: Lawful Evil (6,-10)

Worshipers: Necromancers, Torturers, Warlords, Orcs, Lizardfolk

Symbols: torture implements, whip, skeletons

Colors: red, brown, orange

Blessing: +1d6 death damage.

Gifts of Power: Force March, Wrath, Charm, Fire Being, Animate Dead, Fire Winds, Host of Undead.

Artifacts: Torment Bracelet, Pin of Second Life, Master’s Whip

Tryseana is a brutal deity and she has no mercy. Would you play a character cruel enough to win her favor? Would you be willing to risk her displeasure if you failed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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