Malkither-The Lord of Blood and War

Malkither-The Lord of Blood and War (Deity)

He is merciless and bloody. He uplifts the violent and cruel, but especially the ambitious. He punishes failure and softness.

Malkither is the terrifying ring-leader of evil and violence in Trethal. He is a powerful, imposing brute, cunning and determined. He has visions of controlling all of Trethal. His awareness is built by hate and the pawns he selects to do his work. These pawns are left absolutely for failure and rewarded for success.

Alignment: Lawful Evil (10,-9)

Worshipers: Orcs, Ogres, Gnolls, Giants, torturers, evil leaders, cults

Symbols: bloody weapons, blood

Colors: red, black

Blessing: 2 bleeding damage 1d3 turns

Gifts of Power: Envy, Strength, Incite Wrath, Fiery Being, Herald Hosts of Darkness

Artifacts: Bloodspell Dagger, Malkither’s Horn, Blood Hunter

Malkither is an ally of Tryseana, and just as brutal. Would you help with his ambitions to fulfill your own? What should a character expect to happen to him when he fails? Let us know in the comments below. 

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