Ability Tuesday-Counter Blow

CounterBlowCounter Blow is a very effective ability. It allows the character to attack instead of parrying on an enemy’s turn. This means that the character must allow the enemy to strike him without defending himself, but it also means that the enemy has no opportunity to defend himself either. Additional levels in Counter Blow reduce the penalty To-Hit when using it. At high levels, it reduces the damage taken by the user from the allowed blow.

Counter Blow is a great ability for the heavily armored and strong, who can take damage in exchange for a counter attack. It is also a perfect ability for defeating faster enemies, who can dodge or parry attacks that are made on their defensive turns. Given its utility for stalwart melee fighters, I consider it one of the most powerful abilities in Mind Weave.

Would you use Counter Blow in a character?  Comment below to let us know.

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