Monster Monday-Falajia (Snow Cobra)

SnowCobraA pick had been a fine enough tool for climbing that icy ridge, but now Ryke was on the top of the glacier, he was wishing for a sword.

Swish, Rustle, Crunch

There was the sound again! He swore he’d seen the snow moving off to the left. He’d assumed the cold or the cliff had killed others seeking the Tablets of Chitalin. He’d come prepared for that. But this—

Crunch, Rustle, Crack!

An unholy creature sprung up from the snow. Ryke threw his shield in front of him as the beast spread its mouth wide, wider than its snake-like face. A burst of wind flew from its mouth, and the cold bit Ryke through his heavy clothes. He knew no more.

Falajia (Snow Cobra)

Health Points: 8d6+100

Spell Points: 1000 (recover 60 per hour)

Attack: 3d6 (bite) speed 1/2

Special Attack: Sting, 2d8 damage, speed 1/4, 2d6 rounds of 1d4 frigid poison damage to Strength. Dexterity 20.

Special Attack 2: Ice Gust, 4d6*10 mph wind, 20d6 cold damage in a 90° cone. Used as a full attack in place of a bite. Costs 300 SP to use.

Special Defense: Immune to Cold

Dexterity: Bite (16)

Strength: Bite (18)

Speed: 36 (over land), 24 (under snow), 12 (through ice)

Armor: 6 8 12

Special: Stealth II (+5 in snow)

Description: Falajia are snow dwelling drakes that are seen as more terrible and wicked than other drakes, though they hunt much like other drakes do. This is partly due to the four eyes and nostrils on its great snake-like face and the sharp claws with which it drags its snakey body over land and through snow and ice. Still more terrible is the great gaping mouth, which spreads wide like the hood of a cobra.

A Falajia’s mouth is full of sharp, needle-like teeth. They are no good for chewing, and so the Snow Cobra eats its prey whole. It uses the venom of its tail sting to weaken targets before swallowing them alive when it gets the chance. It does not mind frozen prey much, though, and will often open combat with larger prey with the burst of frigid cold from their ice breath.

They are white and hide easily on the top of fresh snow.

As a player, how would you react when a Falajia bursts from the snow before you? If you heard rumors of people disappearing in the snow, would you suspect a Flajia? What would you do? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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