Progress Update-Planning and Bugs

I mentioned that their was a broken mechanic involving free arcs from Arcane Magic, especially when mixed with Agility. We’ve been discussing a fix, which would extend to Elemental Magic and Manipulation Magic. Our current fix feels good, seems to fix the problem for all cases, and still offers a significant incentive for these abilities. However, it is somewhat more complicated. Since it’s not all that complicated taken for a single ability, and since these abilities are pretty niche, I think the fix may be good.

I’ve also spent some time planning the map maker, which is going to be a mother bear, but which I also think is going to provide the tools for a lot of interesting kinds of dungeons including moving parts and teleporters. I’m excited to get it done so I can start making Mind Weave digital maps of my current paper dungeons.

My current coding project is the vision limiting due to obstacles. I have the math worked out and it works fairly well, but there are some major bugs. I figure these bugs are due to errors calculating angles, or due to the fact that my current version does not yet consolidate overlapping angle ranges. I am confident the bug is fixable, so at this point it is probably worth the time to polish it with the consolidation code and see if that fixes the bug. I hope to finish that in the coming week.

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