Divine Artifact-Tablet of Chitalin

TabletOfChitalin“Murud gurt tum grug drut,” the giant read in the yeti tongue.

The warriors paused, weapons ready. Suddenly, a flurry of snow engulfed them.

Durn suddenly recognized the icy tablet from which it read. “Destroy the crystal,” he yelled.

Zarkai understood, and quickly cast a gout of flame that melted a portion of the great crystal. The snow abated and giant roared in confusion as it finished another incantation to no effect.

Tablet of Chitalin

The Tablet of Chitalin is a powerful artifact which Chitalin often hides in cold and treacherous regions as a prize for those who prove their dedication by seeking it out. Upon hiding one, he ensures rumors are spread of its existence and delights in watching the fools who want power die. He views their deaths as a consequence of their lack of dedication. Those who do obtain one he respects.

The Tablet of Chitalin is a ice tablet fashioned to look like a giant snowflake. The ice is special in that it is not melted by the sun or warm air, but fire can still melt it, though more slowly. On it are inscribed 6 important tenets of Chitalin.

  1. Freeze thy heart to all suffering.
  2. Shrink not from the frost.
  3. Let the storm do thy work.
  4. Douse all flames.
  5. Let the ice be thy friend.
  6. Shout into the Northern wind.

The tenets are inscribed in Yeti. When a tenet is read aloud in the yeti tongue, it has an effect related to the tenet read.

  1. The reader gains +5 Will for 30 minutes.
  2. The reader gains 36 cold armor for 4 hours.
  3. An ice storm appears, dealing 2d6 damage for 2d6 turns as with 4 chaos (indirect) fingers, up to 40 feet from the reader.
  4. All flames within 100 feet are extinguished.
  5. An 5d4 cubic foot ice elemental appears and fights for 2d6 turns.
  6. The reader may speak for 12d4 words to a place or places up to 100 miles away.

Each of these powers can be used once a day, resetting at the coldest time of the day, usually just before dawn.

The Tablet of Chitalin is extremely powerful.  Would you speak Yeti in order to use it? How would you ration the commands? Would you attempt to control the time of reset by using magic to cool or heat the region? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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