Chitalin-Lord of Ice and Frost

Chitalin-Lord of Ice and Frost (Deity)

He is merciless and solemn. He supports the dedicated and cruel, but especially the unyielding. He hates civilization and charity.

His coldness divides him from many of the other gods, some becoming his foes. His followers are passive and solid, maintaining their grip on the cold mountain regions but seeking little else. He is able to see cold areas and controls ice storms, including a great continuous storm that roams the Northern Wastes of Trethal.

Alignment: Lawful Evil (9,-6)

Worshipers: Giants, Yetis, Mages, the Rephiam, Polar Tribes.

Symbols: ice/snow and dead trees

Colors: white, light blue, and grey.

Blessing: +3 Ice damage to all attacks.

Gifts of Power: Extinguish, Far Speak, Make Cold, Freeze, Ice Being, Hail Storm, Snow Blast, Blizzard of Ages

Artifacts: Tablets of Chitalin, Cold Body Mail, Circlet of Ice Mind

Would you worship Chitalin and become a creature of cold? What difficulties would it present? Let us know in the comments below. 

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