Character Thursday-Tylilia Shimba (Mermaid Enchanter)

A very important NPC, perhaps even the main villain, in any campaign involving the Crimson Sea. She got some very good rolls on 5d6b3, like any ruler of a nation is likely to have. I arranged them as I would a PC and leveled her to level 20.


Tylilia was born into the Shimba family, one of the oligarchic ruling families of the Crimson Sea merfolk. As such, she was a highly watched candidate for grand steward of the Crimson Sea region. From a very young age, Tylilia’s elders recognized her great potential, and not just for magic. She was stronger and tougher than most, a strong and long swimmer who delighted in leaping like the dolphins. But this was nothing to her great speed of hand, prudence of choice, and brightness of intellect. She was predicted to be a great mage and all her peers could do to rival her was be more congenial than she. But seeing her potential, the council began her education. She was kept from her beloved swimming to learn decorum, politics, manners, presentation. She did not so mind the lessons of magic, history, and lore when they came, for they seemed as natural as swimming.

Levels 1-20:

Tylilia’s training continued and she soon had a seat on the council. Her magic continued to grow and she became a staunch defender of the Crimson Sea. The council warned that her attacks were becoming too overt and that the land goers would begin to wonder. While Tylilia understood the importance of keeping their colony unknown, she continued her excursions against traders and fishermen along both the Northern and Southern coasts.

The land goers were indeed growing curious before long, but Tylilia knew what she was doing. By that time she had begun to learn illusion, and she and her illusionists were able to answer the curiosity of the land goers with images of monstrous sea creatures. The stories soon flew of a giant squid which had destroyed a fleet of warriors gone looking for the cause of previously missing boats. As the rumors spread, fewer and fewer of the land goers dared to venture far into the water. From then, when a boat was lost on the sea, the land goers only shook their heads and repeated the stories again over comiseratory drinks.

After this great success, Tylilia grew more in standing on the council and when the old grand steward died not long after, she took the station. No one ever voiced suspicions that she had planned the whole order of events or that she had poisoned the previous grand steward. After all, he had been growing sick for so long. As the youngest recorded grand steward of the Crimson Sea merfolk, she was expected to bring in a glorious age of revitalization, and she did not disappoint. Under her, the merfolk began enchanting in greater numbers, they expanded their cities, and the land goers interfered less than ever. They began to think of conquest again.

Strength: 13, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 26, Intelligence: 34, Charisma: 14

Abilities: Spell Casting X, Illusory Casting VI, Petty Enchant V, Transient Enchant IV, Epic Enchant IV, Greater Enchant III, Lesser Enchant II, Understand Artifact VI, Arcane Knowledge IV, Facade X, Employ Poison IV, Fast Hands III, Swift Magic I, Magical Intuition II, Jump II, Swim CI, Convince IV, Persuade IV, Sensory Extension I, Haggle I

Skills: Diplomacy XII, Second Hand VI

Where to start with this character… I guess we can begin with her swim speed, at 18.24, its not particularly impressive for a merfolk, and with no agility she’s as slow as any on land. Jump II is kind of interesting, giving her some ability to jump out of the water. It’s nothing too impressive, but they are things that will be brought to bear in a fight.

She’s pretty well equipped to avoid fights, with +16 on all diplomacy checks for +58% on Convince and Persuade attempts with her additional bonuses from abilities. Her Facade ability allows her to alter her apparent alignment by a total of 4.9, which means that although she is quite evil, she can make herself seem mostly neutral in terms of good and evil to those with Sense Alignment.

If it turns out she cannot deceive her way out of a fight with diplomacy, she may try the same with illusion. Her illusions have a base perception to penetrate of 31. If she makes them fully believable, it would take a lot of Perception to have much chance of seeing through them. She also has plenty of spell points for this type of attempt. Her 18 enchants could also be anything, including artifacts to help with escape (and this isn’t counting the 14 Transient Enchants she might have).

If she does get roped into a fight, she is a good caster. With 14 arcs and 22 fingers and words, she has a lot of versatility. A bonus of +18 DoP to Pure Spells, and +9 DoP to other types of spells, means that just about all spells she casts in combat will have double the power. She casts with a dexterity of 25 on either hand for 5 fingers a second.

If she’s really in trouble, she carries a poisoned dagger, and with her station, she has access to the best poisons. Furthermore, her dagger will certainly be petty enchanted at the least. She can petty enchant things at +5, so she could be expected to have a +5 dagger.

If the players try to deal with her and the other merfolk peacefully, she will certainly spy on them with Sensory Extension, and may well try to poison them.

I envision Tylilia as the villain in a campaign where she and her merfolk are trying to conquer land. She could begin with the Demon Swamp, but she could also be using her mages to expand the Crimson Sea through the lands held by Alvar and Tinen. Would you be interested in playing such a campaign? What about running it? Let us know in the comments below.  

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