Dregat-The Demon of the Deep

Dregat-The Demon of the Deep (Deity)

He is malicious and cunning. He supports cunning and trickery, but especially ambition. He despises failure and weakness.

Powerful and sinister, he is respected by the evil gods and appealed to in naval movements and sea revenge on enemies. He commands the races of the deep sea and directs their bitter wrath against the surface. He can see the depths of large bodies of water and peek by effort the surface

Alignment: Lawful Evil (6,-8)

Worshipers: Sea Mages, Merfolk, Treasure Hunters, Giant Squids

Symbols: rays and sharks

Colors: navy blue and black

Blessing: +3 Fatigue on all attacks.

Gifts of Power: Summon Beats, Treasure Seek, Darken Sky, Safe Dive, The Crushing Dark

Artifacts: Divining Anchor, Sea Seed

I made this deity for Trethal, but it seems to me he’s as good a deity as any for the Crimson Sea merfolk. Would you worship him for his help at sea? What do you expect the risk would be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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