Divine Artifact-The Keep Stone

“Plant the stone here,” Commander Reckon ordered as they crested a hill. Four men unloaded a great stone from one of the carts while several others began digging a hole.

The sun was setting and in the distance Reckon could see torches pouring out of caves in the hill land. “Bury it quick,” he bellowed. “The goblins have taken notice and are after us.”

The earth was hard, and the diggers worked their fastest to make the hole wide and deep enough to receive the stone. The torches grew ever nearer. “Prepare to defend!” Reckon called out and the remainder of his men drew swords and bent bows.

As the stone thumped into the hole and the diggers began to cover it, the archers released their first volley. Goblins cried out in the dark, but they pressed on and soon the swordsmen were engaged and the archers fired wildly.

“Archers into the keep, cover out retreat” Reckon shouted over the din of combat as a beautiful and intricate stone tower sprung up behind them, where the stone had just finished being buried.  It grew wider and a door appeared through which the archers entered. Soon, arrows fell from the parapets 50 feet above and the swordsmen retreated, barring the door behind them.

The Keep Stone

The Keep Stone is a gift known to appear on occasion at shrines to Gauldi-Master of Architects-when they are surrounded by structures that sufficiently please Gauldi. The masters of such shrines will then find one on whom to bestow it.

A Keep Stone is 2x2x1 feet in dimensions and weighs 650 lbs. It is made of solid granite. When a Keep Stone is buried completely, it in 10 seconds grows into a tower of granite in one piece. The tower is 50 feet tall with a radius of 12 feet. The walls are 2 feet thick, the ceilings are 6 feet high and the floors 1 foot thick, with 7 stories beneath the parapets.

The tower can be collapsed back into the stone by rapping the stone (which remains in the center of the tower floor) three times quickly and emptying the keep.

At the very least, a Keep Stone can unsure you have a dry place to sleep every night. Would you be willing to carry one around? When would you use it? Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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