Ability Tuesday-Transient Enchant

“True Enchantments” those that are permanent and resemble magical effects, are very expensive in Mind Weave. Divine artifacts come from the gods, they can be easy or impossible to obtain, depending on the disposition of the god. Petty Enchantments, which merely enhance existing functionality, cost only time and money to produce. True Enchantments, whether Lesser, Greater, or Epic, cost the time, magical energy, and especially the experience (in the form of abilities chosen at the time of leveling up) of highly skilled individuals (generally Enchanters). Most egregious, this experience cannot be reclaimed if the enchantment is not as desired.

That is where Transient Enchant comes in. It can be learned by magical adepts of much lower skill than the varieties of True Enchantment can. It allows a caster to bind up his spell points into an item in order to emulate the effects of an enchantment temporarily. These Transient Enchantments are useful for dabbling in enchanting and for experimentation. Though they require a great deal of bound spell points, they are as powerful as True Enchantments.

At any time, the creator of the Transient Enchantment can draw his spell points out of it. However, when the creator of the Transient Enchantment dies, the enchantment dies with him, so they cannot leave a legacy as True Enchantments do.

In our current test campaign, once player has used Transient Enchant to create a “Resurrection Blanket.” This blanket is very useful to the party, but they must be careful to keep him alive at all times, or lose their simplest means of healing. That is the danger of putting stock in Transient Enchantments.

Examples of Enchantments in the Mind Weave Rules: Robe of Will, Flying Ship, Leaper’s Sword

Would you get Transient Enchant in order to dabble in enchanting? What sorts of enchantments would you make? Comment below to let us know.

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