Saturday Spell-Enhance Volition/Exorcise

“Keep up, Peppin,” Milgut ordered.

“I’m too tired, I can’t go on,” the warlock’s apprentice complained. The apprentice was much younger, but Milgut had been hardened by years in the wilderness. He remembered a time when he too needed rests.

“Mon Ru Siu,” Milgut said, stopping to cast a spell. Suddenly, Peppin was back on his feet. It would suffice, for a time.

Right Hand:

Ra (Good Radius):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Ra (Good Radius):

saying “mon ru siu”

Increasing a target’s Will makes them more able to resist fatigue and tiring to keep fighting or walking. It also makes the target less susceptible to malicious mental spells like confusion and more able to throw off possession by devils like Drudes and Choronzons. Time to finally examine how to do it.

This is kind of a tough call. I’m using the Tome of Vigor and Vulnerability rules to enhance the Will of the target. This is different from enhancing attributes, because the character might have no levels in Will, and the limit on attributes is doubling it. Furthermore, attributes have a higher starting value, and so bonuses to attributes enhance performance by less than if a bonus of the same magnitude were applied to will.  To resolve this, I think the most balanced rule is to make the will bonus not represent levels in Will, but rather bonuses to will checks. This makes it hard to fight off fatigue this way (an invigoration spell would be more effective), but it is still very useful for will checks against mental spells and possession.

The spell above provides 4*(8d6) points for an average of 112 points. This provides a bonus to will checks of 14.467 on the first turn. The bonus will decline rapidly (13.7, 13, 12.3, 11.83 and so on), but in that first turn, the bonus is large enough to guarantee breaking free of a Drude possession.

This spell is absurdly expensive, mostly because the “mon” power syllable is half as efficient as the “lon,” “in,” and “on” syllables. It costs 448 SP, which might be fine for high level casters desperate to free an ally from possession. A more prudent course of action is to go more efficient with a smaller syllable. Using “min” would reduce the cost by half (to 224 SP) while only reducing the power  by a quarter (still a +12 or so due to diminishing returns). Using “on” would reduce the cost by 75% (to 112 SP) while reducing the power by half (still +10.1). These bonuses are perfectly sufficient with any luck at all. The application of bonus DoP can further enhance the results.

Another concern is that the spell takes a while to cast (10 seconds with no agility). Casting time could only be reduced by removing arcs. This would also reduce cost, though the loss of power may be a concern.

Is this the type of spell you’d like to have in your arsenal? It might be a useful exercise to examine other variations to determine the best time/cost/bonus trade off.

Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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