Character Thursday-Lyseana (Goddess)

Lyseana-Lady of Justice and Order

She is just and loyal. She favors leadership and obedience, but especially order. She hates injustice and disorder.

Lyseana is the recognized leader of the more organized good gods and is the deity of most righteous kings in Trethal. She is incredibly powerful and is cognizant of all large movements in Trethal as well as any other information a loyal follower might offer. She is constantly at war with evil, especially her sister, Tryseana. She is the patron of Lyseria and her kings.

Alignment: Lawful Good (10,10)

Worshipers: Celestial Beings, Archons, Righteous Governments and Judges, High Elves, Military Leaders

Symbols: crown, scales

Colors: Purple, Gold, Red

Blessing: +(-(GoodEvil)/2-(LawfulChaotic)/5) damage (healing if negative) on all attacks.

Gifts of Power: Translate, Empower Truth, Trumpet Blast, Call Allies, Blade of Light, Heavenly Host

Artifacts: Angelherald, Judgement Circlet, Horn of Aide

Would a character of yours worship Lyseana? She is a most powerful patron, but she has many patrons vying for her aide. Only great obedience would give access to her greatest powers. Let us know in the comments below. 

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