World Building Wednesday-Lyseria: Protectors of Trethal

The first nation of Trethal: Lyseria. Lyseria is a nation of order, and is the primary power for good in the North. The nation is populated primarily by humans, but the capital, Avalon, is ruled by benevolent Archon Kings. The city has at its center a dragon gate to the Archon city Arenthal in the Dragon Realm. Lyseria was forged in the aftermath of the Dragon War when the Archons built the dragon gates to close the rifts. Since that time, the Archons have zealously supported good in Trethal through Lyseria.



The next largest cities beside the capital Avalon are Deif and Polma. Polma is a mighty city in The Celdas Islands and serves to house the majority of the Lyserian fleet. It is a very loyal city and Polmata, its sister city, has become a favorite place of retirement for the fleet’s officers and sailors who have come to love the deciduous island chain.

Deif, a mining city in the mountainous Hebron Islands (Hebrons), is not so loyal to the Archons. It threatens to cede, but requires the protection of Lyseria’s fleet. Deif is the kingdom’s primary source of iron and coal and they are unwilling to let it get away. Their attempts to tame the White Mountains to the North and take their ore have been unsuccessful.



Most of the population lives in the plain of the Sliver Lakes where they enjoy peace, protection, and fertile farm land.They are only sometimes troubles by evils from the White Mountains to the North and the Herin Wood to the South.  The people on these borders are well accustomed to troubles and enjoy well trained garrisons from the capital supporting them.

Do you like the look of Trethal so far?  I plan to expand on Lyseria with a few posts about surrounding evils and the frontiers.  Is there any part you would like to know more about?  Let us know below.

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