Monster Monday-Choronzon

Choronzon“Him? Evil aura? Nonsense! That’s ol’ beggar Archie. Everyone here loves him so. He’s so much better mannered than the other beggars. We’re always happy to grant him a boon. Even Lord Mallet gives him trinkets now and then.

“Speakin’ of the Baron Mallet, though; he’s been behaving strangely, hiring those strange wizards and executing miscreants not worth his time.”

Choronzon-Greater Ambassadorial Devil (Shamed One)

Health Points: 12d4+12

Spell Points: 200, 40 per hour regen

Attack: Hand Fighting

Special Defense: 4 Magic Resistance

Special Attack: Inspire Selflessness, gives a target within 25 feet extreme charity, increasing the target’s willingness to do something to help another upon request by Cha/5*3d6-(will+1)/2*3d6%.

Costs 10 sp, lasts 1 minute. 2 seconds to use.

Special Attack 2: Steal Ego, using an object given to him by a mortal, the Choronzon can control the mortal for 5 minutes per gc of value of the object.  The mortal can resist with a will check of (will+1)/2*3d6 against quadruple the value of the object in gc.  Costs 1 sp per 2 minutes of control. 2 seconds to use.

Special Defense: Can store up to 200 lbs of items at will, able to access whichever he desires, has a very good memory of the items he has received and stored there.

Dexterity: 20-24

Strength: 14-18

Constitution: 18-22

Intelligence: 20-24

Wisdom: 16-20

Charisma: 26-30

Speed: 28

Armor: 8 6 6

Description: Choronzon are sinister, despite their apparent harmlessness.  They are human-sized, dressed in rags, like a common beggar.  They have a distinct devilish appearance about them, including red irises, scaly, pale skin, and tail.  However, when employing their ability to disguise themselves, they can actually appear remarkably human.  They use this skill to sneak in among mortal slaves in hell in order to stealthily extend their power among devils.  They steal secrets or try to turn slaves against their owners.  On rare occasions they have been known to steal the slaves themselves.  In mortal society they frequently take the guise of a beggar, inspiring selflessness to obtain items from mortals and then using the items to control their donors and further their causes.

In devilish society, they use their powers and secrets to try to gain audience with powerful devils or to elevate themselves.  A few Choronzon are well connected and become involved as spies on part of high ranking devils.  They are also often used as forerunners to attacks on the mortal plane, striking in unsuspecting towns with hordes of egoless mortals to create havoc before the devilish army arrives.

When confronted directly in combat, Choronzon are adept hand fighters and quick.  They will rely on swift blows and dodging to defeat their foes.  However, if clearly outmatched and unable to flee, the Choronzon will try to inspire selflessness, request a valuable object, and control a member of the enemy force.  Due to the time commitment and risk of this tactic, the Choronzon will use it only when one foe is strong enough to provide him an edge if controlled.

When summoned, a Choronzon may already be disguised as a human, in which case it will pretend to be a human slave, rescued from hell by the summoner.  Most summoners will see through this, though, and demand obedience.  When assigned a task, Choronzon are slow in completing it unless they have pressing engagements with their devilish connections.  They like the opportunity to put their powers to good use in the mortal realm.

Special: Will V, Disguise XII, Meditation VIII, Disarm XII, Hand Fighting XX, Agility VIII, Perception IV, Stealth IV

As a player, you could summon a choronzon, with a little luck and manipulation. Would its abilities be useful to you? As a Master Weaver, would you use one against your players? I have some ideas how a loose Choronzon could make for a nice side story and short quest. Interested? Please, comment below to share your thoughts.

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