Progress Update-Testing and Probelms

Truth be told, I didn’t work on anything over the holidays, but I did run a daily session with some testers while we were all together. The games were fun, so the rules are working well in that sense. We’ve stumbled across some potential issues, for example, we suspected we needed to reduce the power of all enchantments (they’re balanced internally, but not in relation to general magic). One player made a satyr bard with transient enchant and got to playing with enchantments. His healing cloth was over powerful from the beginning. I imagine we will reduce the enchant power by half to balance it, but we need more testing.

We also think we may need to change the nature of the free arcs from Arcane Magic, with them, a caster can cast very powerful spells almost for free. I’m not sure what we’ll do about it, since the free fingers and words are fine. I’ll probably reduce the cost by half or more instead of making it free. That, or since the real problem comes from the combination of free arcs and high levels in agility, I may limit the number of arcs a second that can be free instead.

I’m sure other issues will come up, but our bugs are being worked out a little at a time. Excited to be coding in the new year.

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