Saturday Spell-Charm

Charm“Charles! What business does an old codger like you have with a young and beautiful dame? Release her.”

“Oh, bother, Roderick! I don’t see what all the fuss is about. What’s the point of being a wizard if you can’t have a little fun every once and again?”

“You’ve had your fun, leave some for us!”

Right Hand:

Ra (Good Radius): Order (Full), Light (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc): Order (Full), Light (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Ra (Good Radius):

saying “on bi siu”

Once again, I’m using the the Tome of Order and Chaos and the Tome of Vigor and Vulnerability. It’s an encharge, this time on an unwilling target, so it must be aimed like combative spells. If aware of the spell, the victim can dodge.

I have the 16 DoP maximum for this, and make 12 charges. In this case, the charges can trigger each turn as usual, but they are adding to the target’s good feelings toward the caster and linger for a time. With 12 charges I get the boost in favor to diminish 12 times as slowly. Granted it might be better to use a spell like this to enhance my own charisma, but then I’d have to put effort in rather than simply have the target fawn over me. Not to mention, with this type of spell I could use area of effect and get multiple targets with less effort than trying to converse with multiple people with boosted charisma.

For the first 24 rounds of the spell, the target’s favor is increased by over 4. It then declines to about +3 in the next 48 rounds, and then again to +2 in 36 rounds, +1 in 24 rounds, and back to normal in another 12. That gives a few minutes of enhanced favor.

This spell costs 184 SP. It’s not the most valuable spell, but it can be a lot of fun, and useful for dealing with stubborn people who aren’t easily convinced.

Would you use a charm spell? For fun or for work? It’s an odd spell, not as effective in as in other games, but still doable, and now with many variations. Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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1 Response to Saturday Spell-Charm

  1. Ronnie Libra says:

    You should teach your mage how to use Speed Seduction… 😉

    Or just have him read my blog…

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