Character Thursday-Wesarin (Goddess)

Wesarin-Mistress of Serpents

Wesarin is cunning and fickle. She favors quick-mindedness and insidiousness, but especially flexibility. She abhors slowness and routine.

Strange and inconsistent, she is practically an exile even among evil gods. She is in all places in Trethal; be it among the jungle tribes, dark druid cults, or the city assassins, she slithers into many a dark heart. She shares the awareness of all snakes and can receive information by prayers of her followers.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (-8,-6)

Worshipers: Assassins, Evil Druids, Lizardfolk, Shaman, Tribes of Termasel

Symbols: serpents, fangs, eyes

Colors: Green, Brown, Black

Gifts of Power: Speak with Snakes, Poison, Constrict, Poison Spit, Become Snake, Call Snakes, Summon Basilisk

Artifacts: Bite Plate, Miasmic Knife, Serpent’s Rod

Would a character of yours worship Wesarin? So far I’ve portrayed her as a god of villains in both the Midgeland and Trethal, but she might be an interesting deity for evil PCs as well. Let us know in the comments below. 

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