World Building Wednesday-Trethal: A New World

So I got to thinking about what sort of world building post I could do for the new year, and then a realized, new year-new world! Trethal is a world I’ve had lying around for a while and a lot has changed about Mind Weave since I started building it, but it should be pretty simple fixes, and I can’t let all this content go to waste.


Trethal is a full world with dozens of nations and city states and all kinds of places to set a campaign. It provides far more raw terrain than the Midgeland ever could.


Right now I’ve got dozens of maps zoomed in at various levels and parts of Trethal, particularly parts I’ve run campaigns in. Today I’ll just throw down the four corners of the world.Trethal_ZSW Trethal_ZSE Trethal_ZNW Trethal_ZNE

Do you like the look of Trethal so far?  Like the Midgeland, I plan on doing a number of future posts explaining parts of it.  Is there any part you would like to know more about?  Let us know below.

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3 Responses to World Building Wednesday-Trethal: A New World

  1. Aaron says:

    This looks awesome. I love the detailed scale at which you drew Trethal. A perfect start to a new year!

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