Monster Monday-Lucifugi

LucifuigiAs the summoner finished the process of calling a devil from the lower planes, he looked to see what sort of occult devil his first summoning had brought him. He was disappointed as darkness flooded the room. His companions drew swords and shouted out, but he knew the devil was yet under his control.

“Why have you summoned me to this loathsome place, mortal?” A voice barked from the summoning circle. “What task can you offer that merits my immense power?”

Lucifugi-Greater Occult Devil (Spell Weaver)

Health Points: 12d8+24

Spell Points: By Intelligence and Wisdom as level 16

Attack: 1d4/1d4 (claw/claw)-used only as last resort.

Special Attack: Magic Drain, drains 5d20 sp from all within 20 ft in 1 turn.  Usable every 10 seconds.

Special Defense: 22 Magic Resistance

Special Defense 2: Shroud of Dark, a dark shroud reaching out in a 5 ft radius around and blocking even infrared and ultraviolet vision and muffling echolocation.  -5 ‘to hit’ the Lucifugi within.

Special Weakness: Direct sunlight, or equivalent light, penetrates the Shroud of Dark at a rate of 1 ft per turn.  This reduces the ‘to hit’ penalty by 1 per turn as well.  Once the shroud is gone, the Lucifugi takes 4 damage per turn of direct light.

Dexterity: 14-18

Strength: 4-8

Constitution: 16-20

Intelligence: 38-42

Wisdom: 28-32

Charisma: 2-6

Speed: 24(land) 32(flight)

Armor: 8 8 8

Description: Among the evilest of devils, the Lucifugi are actually harmed by sunlight.  They are so sold to the power of magic, that they are empty and soulless, devoid of respect even for the deities of the world they are sometimes called to.  Their first priority is to escape direct sunlight, if by no other means than by the use of darkness spells.  They then fight by the use of magic, the most prudent magic they can conceive of.  They are exceptionally self serving and will be careful to ensure their survival.  Their second priority is destruction.  They hate all that lives under the sun and will destroy all they can when they are brought to the mortal world.

Lucifugi posses all fingers but fire and water.  Their mastery of magic is nearly complete insofar as they are able with only four fingers, and they have gone so far as to master certain elements and Spirits as to make their powers freely accessible to them.  They will often favor these elements and spirits to cast extremely powerful spells, either powerful explosions or devastating storms, to decimate whole areas.  This is their favorite type of spell casting, though they will also use whatever form of magic is most beneficial to their cause at the moment.

Summoned Lucifugi will be enraged.  They hate the mortal plane, otherwise they would go there themselves in order to wreak havoc.  If they are summoned in a place where daylight enters, their rage will be greater.  They will quickly cast a darkness spell, followed by another larger and more permanent, to protect themselves.  They will negotiate with the summoner only in the hope of being able to destroy much in their path to complete the mission and perhaps be able to destroy the summoner as well.  They rarely linger long in the mortal plane, even if freed of their summoner.  They hate the place so they will expend the power necessary to return to the darkness of the hells.

Special: Spell Casting XVI, Fast Hands V, Elemental Magic V, Arcane Magic IV, Greater Casting II, Casting Focus IV, Animate Dead II, Call Undead II, Agility VI, Second Hand V, Will V

Fingers: light, light(h), light(i), dark(free), dark(h)(free), dark(i)(free), earth, earth(h), earth(i), wind(free), wind(h)(free), wind(i)(free), death(free), death(h)(free), death(i)(free), life, life(h), life(i), chaos(free), chaos(h)(free), chaos(i)(free), order, order(h), order(i).

Arms: Ros(2), Zo(2), Sar(2), Vi(2), Neta(2), Ya(2), Ku(2), Des(2)(free), Ra(2), Ful(2)(free), Dain(2), Oh(2)(free)

Words: de, do, ki, bi, ba, wa, wu, ru, jai, juo, grai, gruo, siu, liu, soa, loa, in, on, min, mon

As a player, you could summon a lucifugi, with a little luck and manipulation. Would its abilities be useful to you? As a Master Weaver, would you use one against your players? I recently used one with my family, I intend to describe the outcome in an upcoming post. Please, comment below to share your thoughts.

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