Saturday Spell-Amplify Voice

AmplifyVoice“We’ll need an anthem.” Hundreds of heavily armored orcs hesitated as the rag tag group of men took position on the ridge.

“I have just the spell.” He cast briefly, then began to sing and his magically enhanced voice resounded through their troops. They would be able to hear his battle anthem no matter how far they fought into the enemy ranks.

A spell to amplify voices is useful for a number of abilities that effect all in earshot of the user. These include Battle Song and Warcry. (See the Tome of Light and Sound for details about this kind of spell.)

Right Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Order (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc): Order (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc): Order (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc): Order (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc):

Des (Positivity Arc):

Ku (Physical Radius):

saying “on ba juo ru grai”

As with any encharge, we are limited to 16 DoP. I spend a lot of these DoP getting as many charges as possible since only a slight increase in sound is needed to carry much further and I intend this for use with battle song (a deafening warcry could easily be achieved, though). We can get 20 charges, lasting 20 turns or 40 seconds. This is a 12 dB increase in the target’s voice for 20 turns, allowing him to benefit allies 4 times as far away as normal without deafening those near him.

Unfortunately, the average bard doesn’t get arcs, and so couldn’t cast this spell, but most other casters could.  This spell costs 192 SP.

Interested in ampifying voices? As a caster, would you use this spell to amplify the voice of allies to improve effectiveness? Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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