World Building Wednesday-The Satyrs of White Wood

White Wood is a forest in the North Countries, where the ground and trees are covered almost perpetually in snow. Few travel there, but it has become a refuge to Satyrs who, looking for freedom and safety, have migrated there as empires expanded and lands were tamed. While most races dislike the cold of the region, the shelterless Satyrs fair fine.

The Satyrs are fun loving like all Satyr’s, but they are quite aware that they need to offer something to the growing world to keep them from moving into their last corner of sanctuary. The Satyr’s make toys. Some of their toys are even enchanted to have fun effects. While they do sometimes make useful items for adults, their love is for toys for little children. Each year they set out from the White Wood and travel as far as they can, distributing toys, on one night of the year. As their population of enchanter’s grows, they have begun to develop magical means of travel in order to bring the toys to as many children as possible.


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