Monster Monday-Satyr

In this Humans are Monsters post we take a look at satyrs.  Since I intend them to be playable and have real societies, I’ve left the male satyrs as they are (sexual animals chasing everything from nymphs to goats) but added female satyrs with a little different personality. They’re more serious and mate for life, though they’re attracted to the wildest male satyrs.Satyrs

Satyrs live to enjoy life. They generally do not build shelter and sleep under the stars. Their weapons tend to be low quality, found, or traded for. Their instruments, on the other hand, can be very high quality. They have great passion for music and love to sing, dance, play instruments, stomp their feet, and clap along. Most nights, satyr groups can be found partying in the woods. During the day, they tend to meet bodily needs like sleep and food.

Being governed only by their passion, they may not always live in groups, but there will always be a few other satyrs nearby with which to party. Larger groups of satyrs will often take advantage of their numbers to build a winery and supply their parties with further merriment. Even when no large group is present, Satyrs will usually be found in pairs, a male satyr and the female satyr who has chosen him as her mate. She will keep a close eye on him to keep him loyal, but be proud of his wildness when the time to party comes.

Satyrs have great instrumental fingering and good endurance for dancing with +4 Dexterity and +1 Constitution.  They are extremely magnanimous and their is a high expectation for social eptitude (+2 Charisma).  They are highly irresponsible and idealistic (with -2 Wisdom) and often lack upper body strength (with -1 Strength).  Like Halflings, all Satyrs can play instruments and sing.  Despite being about the height of a Dwarf or Halfling, Satyrs move at the speed of larger humanoids, 24.

Satyrs have powerful legs and will always have at least one level in jump. Their constant communion with nature also grants them Natural Empathy.


Despite their focus on enjoyment in life, Satyrs with classed talents are not unheard of. They need to defend themselves as much as any other race, and they can be quite skilled as musicians and burglars.

Fighter-A staple of any race, Satyrs will at least have some combative ability to defend themselves against dangerous animals in their area. They will put more effort into their defense if more tenacious forces threaten their parties and lives.

Thief-Despite their hooves, the Satyr’s natural agility and physical precision lends itself well to thievery. Though among themselves there is not much to steal (other satyrs would notice of you arrived at the party with their prized panpipes), they often steal food and other things from merchants passing nearby. When part of civilization, Satyrs will turn to thievery if their music is not accepted.

Bard-Most Satyrs consider themselves musicians, but the best of them can write a poem to melt hearts, can play a song to rouse heroes from among even the most common of folk. Satyr bards are renown among communities in the area and people will often travel to hear them play or sing. Royal courts will of the best Satyr bards a place in the court, with endless access to wine as payment.

Rogue-When life gets tough, people get tougher. Satyrs are not an exception to this. When serious threats exist in an area, certain highly skilled Satyrs often step forward to defend their friends with bow and trap. Satyr rogues, because of the conditions of their rise, are often harder and colder, dispatching enemies to the Satyrs with ruthless efficiency.

Enchanter-Satyrs have a connection with lore and stories unlike any other race. Their bards will often become so enthralled with the stories and the legendary items they sing of that they will wish to become a part of the stories. One relatively safe way to become a part of the stories is to enchant the items that take part in them.

Satyrs have almost no impact politically on the world. They hide in their woods, not bothering others and not wishing to be bothered, though they are very inviting to those who wish to join in their revel. The affairs of the world do not matter to them, so long as they can party.

Satyrs make formidable thieves at low levels, much like Halflings, but with more speed. They’re a great choice for a stealth or Bard character.  Would you play one for these or another reason?  Would you join in the party if you wandered into a Satyr revel in the night?  Would you throw one at your players?  Let us know in the comments below!

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