Character Thursday-Darux Muldfut (Goblin Summoner)

Darux was built like a PC, but he’s focused on summoning demons and devils to raise an evil empire, so he’s the kind of PC that is evil and might well end up the villain if the other players don’t want to be evil. He didn’t have to be a goblin (a gnome offered certain other pros and cons) but the goblin lent itself well. He’s pretty optimized for summoning with some optimization for casting long spells.


Darux dreamed of being powerful. He was clever, and fairly well liked, but tribal leaders saw him as a threat and drove him from their tribes. He wandered, seeking power. He was diligent and willful and eventually stumbled across his answer. He found he had some talent for magic. In a book about summoning the denizens of the hell-planes, Darux began to learn the ways of Demons and Devils. He began to master the arcane circle. This would be his source of power. The forces of evil would be his to command.

Levels 1-10:

Darux swore revenge on the tribal leaders who had harmed him. He committed himself to crushing other powers in the Midgeland. He was willing to accept allies in toppling existing powers. As time went on and he got to know more of the world, he realized the Chattering Hall, the Crying Hold, the Ruins of Reach, were not enough for him. He realized that crushing powerful goblin tribes, the undead hordes, or even the Empire of Wesarin was not enough. Alvar and Tinen would fall before him. He would need more powerful devils to marshal his empire, but he knew how to obtain them.

Strength: 8, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 24, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Summon Demon/Devil X, Arcane Magic VII, Persuade X, Inquire VII, Spell Casting I

Skills: Will VIII, Agility IV

Darux has everything it takes to be an effective demon and devil summoner. His charisma could be higher, but I traded it for constitution to fight off fatigue during the long spells. He has absolute mastery of all of the components of the arcane circle, so he can choose whatever class of demon or devil he wants when summoning. With Summon Demon/Devil X, he has quite a bit of control over the power level when summoning as well. His Will is higher than that of any demon or devil, meaning that banishing them before losing control is pretty well assured. His high levels in Persuade and Inquire give him a very good chance of succeeding when sending his demons and devils on missions or asking them questions, even if they don’t like the mission or the question.

He’s also a decent caster. He only has 4 fingers and 4 words, and many of those are used up on the prerequisites for summoning. He could certainly use more words, but with total mastery of the arcane circle, he does alright with arms. He has all 6 arcs for free. This means he can obtain power for free at a rate of 3 DoP per second. If he uses this for teleporting, then without a power syllable he can teleport 12 feet per second of casting at a constant cost of 24 SP regardless of range. With the highest power syllable, “Mon,” he could turn that into a 48 feet per second of casting teleport at a constant cost of 144 SP. As with most casters using this method of teleport, his total range limitation is endurance, since he could fail long spells. However, with high constitution and high will, he can push the spell longer than most.

However, while this casting method is very cheap in terms of Spell Points, it is time intensive and not particularly well suited for combat. With several levels of effort, though, Darux could make himself a Battle Mage and use Armed Casting and Casting Focus to make his casting style battle-worthy.

Would you build a summoner? Would you sacrifice power bonuses for free components through the more basic magic schools? Let us know in the comments below. 

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