Divine Artifact-Thorncorn

ThorncornZemail! Guide my throw!” Burg called as his companions fled the goblin hordes pouring into the tunnel. The goblins hesitated as the seemly harmless acorn landed among them.

Burg pursued his companions as the tunnel echoed with the screams of the wounded goblins.


Zemail frequently grants thorncorns to those who act in her name, whether avid followers or simply temporary allies. They are common as boons to those who receive quests from Zemail. A thrown thorncorn  grows spikes on impact that deal damage as an oaken spear (1d8 damage, 6 feet long, Medium class). The spikes are at 45 degree intervals throughout the hemisphere not facing the surface of impact. This means a target very near the point of impact might be struck by multiple spikes. A thorncorn has a thrown range of 50 feet.

Thorncorns can be very effective for hindering enemy movement and killing numerous foes at low levels. How would you use them? Would you ask Zemail for a handful?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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