Ability Tuesday-Summon Demon/Devil

With yesterday’s Devil, and the Demon post a while back, this ability has been long overdue. This ability explains how these demons and devils get into the world, at least most of the time.

The Arcane Circle

The Arcane Circle

Later this week I will have a more in depth discussion of how Mind Weave Demons and Devils are arranged (it is very different from anything you’ve ever seen, promise). Suffice to say that they are based on the components of the arcane circle and so an arcane circle of sufficient size is used to summon them. While the type of demon or devil can be controlled by mastery of the components of the arcane circle, the probability of summoning the various power levels of demon or devil can be altered depending on how many levels the summoner has in Summon Demon/Devil. These levels can be used to improve the chance of summoning a more powerful demon/devil, or to prevent powerful demons/devils from appearing.

Level is Summon Demon/Devil also help a little in the battle of wills to dismiss the demon/devil, but the greatest impact on the battle of wills is the summoner’s level in the Will skill.

Curious? Can’t wait for Friday? Further resources and explanations:

Summoning Demons

Summoning Devils

The Battle of Wills

Summon Demon/Devil is learned by Magic-users and Priests. It can be learned cross-class if there is a good reason and the character is exposed to another summoner.

Would you confront the dangers of summoning demons and devils?  Would you do it to assign them tasks or to ask questions?  Comment below to let us know.

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